Don’t look for things, you don’t want to find..

Don’t look for things, you don’t want to find.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" When nonfiction feel like fiction. You have seen too much. "

                                Don’t look for things, you don’t want to find….

Old wise wisdom. “Leave the dead alone. Dead spirits are roaming for their purpose. Not good ones. Leave them be.”

“Can’t bring back dead relatives. In a seance. You can bring back a spirit. Most spirits left on Earth are the ones you do not want to meet.”

When I was a kid of fifteen in the Winter of 1993. My sister and her friends wanted to the test the night. To have a seance and call back a spirit. I told them. Be careful what you wish for. Your wish can come true.

My sister Toni best friends were coming over. Diane and Susie. Diane was a full breasted, fire red headed girl who love to drink. Susie was a sweet and special girl to me. Long brown hair and a slim beautiful body. Both the girls were seventeen years old. I had a crush on Susie for years. She always gave me a wink and a kiss. The two girls were my sister friends for years.  The sister was a quiet one. I was surprised she had two wild friends. It was a Friday night and there was little to do. Diane wanted beer and wine. She called her boyfriend and told him to bring some beer and wine over. Diane was content. Her boyfriend Pete was 21 years old and a hell raiser. I knew this would be a wild night.

My mother was working, and we lived in an old apartment building near the Goodyear plant in Akron, Ohio. It was a very old building. Filled with unknown noises and sounds anyway. Pete brought three cases of beer and 5 bottles of cheap wine. Susie and Diane were wearing their baby doll pajamas that covered very little.  Pete had a shit eating grin, and he knew it was going to be a good night. My sister wore her regular cloths. Diane told my sister I want to have a seance? Toni told her no. Diane and Susie changed my sister mind with a steady flow of harassment. I was a bystander. Enjoying the view of Diane and Susie and drinking some beer. Susie sat with me. She always gave me attention. Diane treated me like a ghost.

Diane called all of us to the bedroom. We turned the lights off. We lite some candles and I held Susie and Diane hand. Pete was across from me. My sister was wise. She wanted no part of the seance. Diane called to the spirit of the nights. “All spirit good in heart. Come forward to this house. All wandering souls come to us.” We sat in the circle for ten minutes. Nothing happen. Diane released our hands and turned the light on. She told Susie to go in the closet and say Mary Worth three times. Susie said hell no. Diane laughed and told us. I will do it. Diane went into the closet and said Mary Worth three times. She came out of the closet and we all laughs.

The laughter stopped when the lights went out. Susie held on to me tightly. Diane screamed and held on to Pete. I told them I will go to the breaker box and turn on the fuse. The breaker box was in the basement. Pete said he would go with me. We found a flashlight and walked to the basement. It was a old  house and often the power went out. I found the breaker box and I turn on the breaker.  The lights went on again. Pete asked me. Did I believe in ghost?  I told him no. He smiled and asked? Diane and Susie are drunk. Good times are a coming Johnnie? I smiled and told him. I hope so. Pete slapped my back hard and told me. Going to be a good night tonight.

We return up stair. The three girls are huddle together in the corner. They run to us. Diane falling into the arms of Pete. Susie falling into my arms. Pete said we need more beer and wine. He went to his car and brought  the beer and wine in and put the beer and wine on the table. We listen to loud music and quickly got drunker.

My sister asked me at 12 pm. Did I hear someone walking in the attic? All of us laugh at Toni. Susie was laying between my legs and Diane and Pete was making out in the corner in the small chair.  I told my sister I will go check out the attic. Susie barely able to stand up told me. I will come with you Johnnie. The attic was rarely used. Had a bed and  a bathroom. The room had hidden storage places for boxes that were excess. Me and Susie walked up stairs. We turn on the light. Walked around the room. We yelled to my sister. No ghosts or demons here tonight. Toni yelled come down stair now. We laugh and turned off the light and fell upon the bed. Susie was a mature 17 year old. Been dating a older boyfriend for years. She had a lot of sex. I had nothing. She was drunk and being friendly.

She gave me long kisses and she rubbed her body against me. Her baby doll pajamas came off and she torn my clothing off. She caresses me and I touched her like a precious diamond. She asked me. “Do I love you? Do you like me?”  I told her I thought she was beautiful, and she was a goddess to me. She was the most beautiful girl I ever seen. I held her. We lay together in silence and our two bodied were connected. I like watching her blue eyes. Her body was perfect. Perfect curves and tan skin allowed me to cherish the vision of her. She told me. My boyfriend treats me like shit. I want to be held and appreciated. I told her. I would treat her like a princess if she allowed. She kissed me and gave me a sweet smile. We fell asleep holding tightly. I was very content.

We hear a scream. My sister is yelling. We dressed quickly and ran down stair. My sister was crying. She yelled something killed the three kittens. Me and Pete went into the bathroom. The kitten were crushed. I wrapped them up in a newspaper and we took them outside to the garbage. We told the girls to stay in the apartment. Me and Pete looked for weapons in the kitchen. The knifes were gone.  We told the girls. We will search the house. No-one lived in the apartment but us and one family.  We went to the attic. We open up the storage areas and we found the knifes with blood on them. We left the bloody knife in the storage area and went to the girls.

The girls asked what we saw? We told them nothing about the knifes.  All five of us sat together in the living room waiting for the morning. We didn’t drink no more. We heard walking in the attic and no-one desired to see who it was.  I told Diane. Best to leave the dead alone. Ain’t nothing good left on this earth.  Diane agree and we were glad the sun was rising. It was a long and scary night. I learn a lesson that night.

Don’t look for things you don’t want to find.