How do we reconcile Spring when the world is burning?

Powerful and worthwhile poetry shared. For Ukraine.


Spring is synonymous with hope, resurrection, and awakening. Sunlight and warmth bring smiles, memories of longer days, and warmer nights.

With barely a sigh of hesitant relief that the covid pandemic slid to the unmasking of people in many places, another disaster arose.

How do we reconcile this budding joy when the world is burning? When bombs fall on pregnant mothers and the innocent?

How do we see hope on the muddy snow-trodden road filled with humanity carrying their world in a suitcase, a stroller, or backpack?

Few people can translate what they feel into poetry, art, and the written word. I think this Ukrainian poet Lyuba Yakimchuk gives us an understanding. She lost her home in Donbas to Russian occupation in 2014 and fled to Kyiv, which Russians have sought to destroy.

Language is as beautiful as this world. So when someone destroys…

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