Ain’t blue no-more….

Ain’t blue no-more..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Jazz and some words.. "

                     Ain’t blue no-more…

“Hey nonny no!

Men are fools that wish to die.

It not fine to dance and sing

when the bells of death do ring— Unknown writer”

“Fair is love, and cruel as she’s fair—Samuel Daniel”

Men who steal, borrow and run. They find their proper ending. The bar poet wrote to his notebook. She was a beauty, so kind and so sweet. He remembered when she scorned him with no words. Her eyes of sorrow and disappointment made him bleed inside and out. Words were not needed said.

Now he had the deep and hard jazz, quiet nights and he is the seeker of the sea, the silence. He befriended the Johnnie Walker whiskey and he wishes for ghostly kisses and a kind memory.

But the bar poet had learn. What is done, is done. Leave the cold and hard memories to rest. Now he is surrounded by the living dead. Men and women not seeking love anymore. He told the three fingers of tequila, leave the sweet gals alone. Allow them to seek a lover who is kind and gentle. Not greedy men, like him.

The jazz is good, the drink is strong and I ain’t blue no-more.


© 2021 Coyote Poetry