Scarbororough Fair…

Scarborough fair….

I once dance with the prettiest gal at the Scarborough fair.

I told her, I wanted to marry her and to make her smile every day of her life.

She smiled at me and she whispered into my wanting ear.

You soldiers love to make promises and you volunteer for war.

Men want to test life my dearest and the soldier shall learn.

Dead men keep no promises and war, is a heartless bastard.

Let’s dance and kiss,

maybe pray too.

I love you my soldier and my wish is,

for you to keep your promise to marry me.

I will wait for you near the sea.


My Lagan love

The loveliest girl in Scotland learn the loneliness tale.

She learn love promises were meaningless and she was alone.

She told the sea, my lagan love,

he made promises to be broken,

left great emptiness to be understood.

Now the mystery and wonder of love,

is great storms and confuse heart.

She remembered the face of her lover,

she remember the sweetest words shared and

she learn love can be so sweet and can damn the heart forever.

The loveliest gal in Scotland told the sea.

I won’t remember you no-more.

Dancing Coyote