A love letter….

   A love letter…

(I love the young dust, the falling sun touching and kissing the lake. Create a afterglow of light and darkness. The world seem to be at-ease when the sun and the moon said hello to each other.)

Dear Coco

I am watching the young dawn and I am guarding a gas compound on the Iraq border. The desert is quiet and so calm. The Iraq border is empty of movement or life. I do miss you so my dear Coco. I remember our last night together in Texas. You wore your cotton white dress and you danced barefoot with me near the Texas sea. The memory of you and the sea keep me human and I appreciate the kindness you gave me. You made me feel loved, appreciated and cared for. I do love you so and I need your letters. I love the poetry you share with me. Each word, make my heart dance with hope and happiness. Please don’t worry about me. The war is far away from me. I keep your letters in my front pocket and your photos. 

I carry my favorite photo of you, sitting near the sea and reading your book. Your long flowing air being caressed by the wind and you look so content and so beautiful. Your bare shoulders being sun-kissed by the Texas sun. I remembered how you eyes shone so wild and dangerous. They were my beloved storm, I wished to be in. I hope you are doing well, your studies going well. I will call you next week and I miss your voice. I need to hear your love words. I will leave the Army soon and I hope you will accept me back again. I know you wrote me. You have apartment in downtown Austin and you told me. We will live together, make love till noon everyday and we would write poetry and song deep into the midnight hours. I do want this my beloved.

I will return home in July and I will go back to college. You have been my blessing, my joy and my miracle for five years. You want a Fall wedding and I want to make you smile. I have saved a boatload of money and I want us to go to Monterey. Find a Judge to marry us. We will rent a  hotel near the Pacific and I want us to dance bare-ass with the window open. Allow the rising moon to know. You are the love of my life. I won’t complain ever again with you in my arms. You were right dear Coco. A soldier life is a lonely life. Thank you my beautiful lady for so many letters and photos. Please stay safe and have some fun for me. Love to you and a million kisses to you. I will be home in 45 days and I yearn for us to dance in the dark clubs of Austin. Drink the Long Island ice teas and dance for the Summer moon near the river. I am dreaming of you and soon. I will find you and we can find a safe place for love to grow. 

I love you dear Coco. See you soon.