The coyote song, lest we forget…

  Lest we forget

Lately the days have become slower and I want less. Once the wild Coyote ran and ran till he found some pleasure, some laughter and a safe place to rest.

Now the night raven is whispering to me. Johnnie, Johnnie. Where are you? Time to run, time to escape.

Now sorrow had caught me. I tell the rising sun, lest we forget who we were, lest we forgot, once we were brave and strong. Now the old man put his feet into Lake Huron and the cold water. Awake his sleeping mind.

He told the dancing water. Once I danced with beautiful butterflies who could make the sky bluer, the world sweeter. We waltz with the Pacific ocean and  we laughed at life. I was brave and fearless once.

Now I am shackles to fear and doubt now. I told the sun above me. I don’t blame God or the devil. I decided my journey and I landed where I decided to be.

I can hear the wind singing me a song. Johnnie, let’s weave a better story. Let’s be careless and suicide board the sea, find the highest mountain and free-climb her. Be a cloud dancers again and find a pretty lady and tell her, you love her. You ain’t done yet. Life can be endless or a dead-end? Coyote, Coyote. The sea is waiting for you to burn some sage and for you to pray.

I will pray for the people needing the attention of the healing of the earth, the sea and the earth. Pray for our world to know peace. Pray, my coyote spirit is still with me. 

Today the Coyote will find Lake Huron, maybe get drunk on kisses by a ginger hair gal and dance with the end-less lake. I will burn some white sage and know no regrets. Maybe I will howl at the rising moon and dance with the ravens? The Coyote told the Lake Huron. I should of danced more, loved more. Told more beautiful and kind ladies. I loved them so. Maybe the Coyote will go west toward the sea? Maybe the Pacific ocean can make him believe. Life is more dancing, more laughter and he isn’t dead yet. Maybe I will howl loudly to the night sea. Tell her, thank you for teaching me. I am more than I believe I am.


© 2021 Coyote Poetry