Hot damn…

 Hot damn…

Prettiest woman in the dance hall,

looked at me and shared her enticing smile.

I inventoried her long legs and her tight black dress.

She was a wild orchid in the smoked filled bar.

Her face, gentle and so sweet, made me wish for the dance of the gin  and the sin.

She was ambrosia in the mist of the whiskey and the chaos. 

I knew she was folly and careless angel.

When you kiss a siren, when you want a siren,

no way back to safety,

no way back to sanity.

She was walking toward me,

her long ginger hair moving with her hips, legs and shoulders.

I loved her demanding coffee brown eyes and her sweet smile.

She touched my shoulder and she whispered.

A soldier drinking alone, Austin city, biggest sin.

Dark is the night and when we seek the whiskey only.

We can’t know sacred night where we can know,

laughter and good song, bravely.

I told her, she was a treasure, a soldier dream.

Some dreams will break your heart.

She gave me a Devilish smile and her eyes surveyed my face.

She whispered.

“Dark is the night.

We can lay bare, our soul to the moon and the stars.

We can show false face and steal what we can.

Maybe we are just dancers on the quicksand,

moving and grooving to the moon song,

hoping for a taste of elixir of the sweetest kiss.

Pretty lies are still lies and I promise you,

a fond memory and maybe a second dance.”

I reached our my hand and I told her my name is Johnnie.

She embraced me and she whispered. You can call me love,

darling and sweetheart my dear Soldiers. She kissed my forehead,

my face-cheeks and a soft kiss to my lips.

She asked, can you Texas two-step Johnnie?

I told her, yes and we roamed to the dance floor.She held me closely and I smell her perfume of the wild flowers.I told her. Thank you for the dance and the conversation.You make me smile.

She laid her head into my shoulder and she whispered.

I am smiling too.