Nightbirde- Brave…


One—  We loved the Spring days,

we loved the dancing with Lake St. Clair on a April Spring morning.

When you hugged me tightly and you whispered to me.

I love you.

I knew. I had everything I needed.

I saw everything in your eyes.

I saw the rising sun, I saw the laughing moon and I saw the dancing stars.

I was brave in heart with your gentle fingers intertwining with hands.

You made me believe. Life was okay.

Two— Dear Nightbirde. I am sending a prayer to you.

You left my world and I hope you are dancing and singing with your Jesus, in heaven.

I remember you dear Jane. You taught me.

I was okay.

We do miss you dear Nightbirde.

We need more kind people, we need more strong people.

We must seek happiness in the messy world.

Maybe one day, I can sit at your feet and I would tell you.

Thank you for showing me. I am okay.