The echoes of yesterday…

The echoes of yesterdays…

(April poetry number twelve.)

Drinking alone in a Monterey tavern in April,1992. I was trying to hide from a memory and I saw the saddest face man looking back at me in the tavern mirror. I whispered. Were we lovers or where we liars?

Once, pretty Michigan gal excited my mind, excited my heart. We loved midnight dancing and we weaved the greatest dreams. We attempted love three times and I left her on a December day in 1991. I didn’t know. We were done, she gave-up on me.

I called her at midnight and I awoke her. Her gentle and sweet voice whispered, dear Johnnie. Drinking again and you are missing me. One day, I won’t answer the phone. I am doing okay and you have your war, you have your California. No time for the Michigan girl, who can’t wait no-more.

I told her. California is amazing. I go to the Pacific ocean daily and I am writing. I am doing poetry readings in Monterey and Pacific Grove. I miss you so. The Michigan cold days, you would not miss. You and baby Tiffany could come to be. I would make you smile.

She held silence for a minute and she told me. Me and baby Tiffany, we love the four seasons of Michigan. California is for you. My Gypsy man, my wandering friend. You have the soldier’s spirit. You love the open road, you love the sea and you adore the drink. A soldier’s love. A hard love to keep. Once I loved you so and now. You love California and I have a good life. A full-time man who come home every night. Please find something to make you happy.

I whispered. Thank you Jenny, thank you Jen for talking with a foolish man. I will leave you be and I pray. You and Tiffany are happy. Maybe one day. We will talk again. I love you dear Jen and thank you for teaching me. Love could be sweet, love could be bold. Goodbye dear Jennifer.

She whispered with tears falling. Goodbye Johnnie. Please don’t die in some foolish war and I will pray for you. I will pray you can find your place to rest somewhere. I thanks her and I hung-up the phone.