Wild child…

The wild child…

The poet loved the careless girl,

he loved the girl who loved the sweet wines and

she could make him smile with her dance, her beautiful voice and her eyes of hope.


She told me, the world don’t imprison us.

We do.

Please quit seeking the goals of the world and find the narrow path,

the less walked on path.

You will find quiet forest and beautiful moving river.

And you will find me.


She told him, I am more savage than you believe.

I want to run bare-ass into the forest of the mountain and

I want to swim in the hidden waterfall.

Will you join me brave soldier?


She told the moon, I am the child of the stars and

I am my mother savage daughter.

My father told me.

I was the free sky, the wild Winter Pacific storm.

I followed my father into the sea and

I followed my father and we danced with the moving river.

I followed my father to the secret waterfalls.

We would sing and dance for the sun and the moon.

My father loved to laugh, loved quiet places and no walls.

I saw the savage still in his eyes and I followed his path.

Now I show my father the free sky, the dancing sea and I ensure.

He knows I am his  daughter, I was the child of the moon and

I am the child of the sun.

I am my mother savage child and my father’s free song.