Your love, like heroin..

Your love, like Heroin…

Lace and silk, whiskey and sin, pain and misery we loved. I loved to watch you paint your beautiful face and I told you. You are a natural beauty. Your pale skin and your face. Men would die for. I asked you. Are you hiding your true face my lady love?

You sat bare-ass on a soft chair facing the mirror. You turned to me and you told me. Johnnie, Johnnie, you are addicted to me. I am your Heroin and you do not want to see how ugly I became. I was once a beauty, damn cigarettes, booze and drugs. And I love the damn men who would steal everything from me. Johnnie, Johnnie. You are just a con man with a poet’s face. You don’t want love. You want to become a part of me. You love us fighting in a bed of sin, gin and the liar’s prayer. You taught me well lover. Say the words Johnnie.

“The lover’s prayer.

Bliss, kiss and skin.

Take and take,

steal and steal more.

Bleeding and screaming till we can fuck no-more,

lying, dying and crying we do love.

We love the black night, the strong whiskey and feeling so damn good.

We pray to the Goddess of the night.

Give me more and give me more.

Make me believe. Love is near us and so damn far away.

Half-drunk kisses, lazy hugs and words of gratitude.

This is what I want.”‘

Carolina smiled and she whispered. We have Reno, we have our secret place.

I love you word man. Maybe you can’t see the truth no-more and I am your Heroin. 

Maybe this is all we have.