Love conquered all…

Love conquered all

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Must know love and kindness to know joy and happiness. "

Love conquered all…

Lovers drowning in the amorous of sweet kiss, long embrace and
the long dances where love grow like flowers in the Spring.
They know. Love conquered all.

I write down name of friend and family members gone from my life.
I smiled, remembering their laughter, their smiles and being safe in
the warmth of their homes. Safe places for my heart today. They taught me.

Love conquered all. No-one can walk alone and know a happy life.

The wise ancient Poet wrote. “Who can limit love.”
Virgil knew over 2000 year ago. We are nothing without knowing love.

Love can be a riddle. Make us dream of forever than swim in the bitterness
of goodbye. Should we not love?

The solstice of a few days in the safety of love.
Is worth the chance to dance, to whisper to your sweet lover.
‘You are so beautiful” and to hold on tightly trying to make the
nights of love permanent and sweet.

Love conquered all my friend.
If we open the doors of life with love and kindness.
This world would understand we are the same.
This world would be a better place.

Coyote/ John Castellenas