Steal a memory, borrow a memory…

Steal a memory, borrow a memory…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" In life. A good life, we gather many memories. We shall need later.”

The dilemma of a long life. The restless heart learn to adore old memories. The fortune of youth become eloquence words on a sheet of paper.

We must steal a memory, borrow a memory. Once I had hot Summer days, the sea and my kind muse. The blessing of the Pacific ocean, stealing kisses and holding hands. Was my wealth.

The legacy of love become a lullaby old poets sing to the sea, to private notebooks.

Once he chased a beautiful gal and he learn. She was waiting for him to be brave and she was waiting for him to come to her.

He learn what the great poet wrote. You don’t find love, love find you.

Once the goddess of the sea blessed the old soldier life. He told the people near now. Drink-in and drink-up the good days, the good night. Make them last forever. Youth flies away so quickly and we cannot find our youth again.

Live my friends, love my friend, dance often and remember. You must seek beautiful places, attempt many kisses and love many. Life, wait for no-one.