I Just Need To Know

A amazing poem shared by a talented writer.

With The Dying Daisy

why her?

does she long for you in your absence?

does she get to tell you when she misses you?

does she ruin herself a million little times until you call back?

do you call her back?

why her?

if you do call her back,

does she cling to every word of yours until it becomes a prayer?

does she go around ending relationships in your name?

did she wash her tee from when you hugged her the first time ever?

or did she save it in a corner, afraid to run out of your scent?

does she get to touch you?

do you flinch when she touches you?

do you think about her when you watch the sun set?

why her?

does she think about you every time she reads something romantic?

are you a romantic for her now?

does she write broken poems for you?

did this start…

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