Please read the powerful and worthwhile poetry. Suicide is a secret murderer.

A Dream of Writing

Trigger Warning: Mention of Suicide

 The sea in the air, your gaze blue as the sky’s

An ocean about to break from behind your eyes

Between your quiet sobs, you hold your breath

Asking God from this despair to release—for a sunlit death

The cage of your heart begins to show

Your secret pain displayed for all to know

You run from your shadow through the night

You think you’re strong but you’re ghostly white

Wishing you were in his arms, crying every day

You’re seventeen and I know what you will say

You wait forever wretched—“I can’t feel free”

Your life fades but I know all you could be

I know everything that is going to transpire

People will not listen and many will become a liar

They will betray you and break your trust

Abuse your heart and claim to be just

Wishing you were in his arms…

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