Mystical places…

Mystical places

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" First love, first real kiss and the first true words of love become mystical places where we can find in sweet dreams forever. "

                               Mystical places…

Many types of keepsakes my friend.
There are tattoos upon skin to remind us of places, wars and faces.
There are scars from battles won and lost.
Then there is sweet faces of woman we had loved and held.

Whiskey, gin and rum can make us forget for a time.
But those kind memories where beautiful woman laid naken in sheet of silk and cotton.
Waiting for you with welcoming smiles.
When men fall into the softness of the bosom of the kind woman.
The mystical place of the tender skin, sweet kisses and warm places. Leave the man yearning for more.

Adoring glances lead to places of splendor.
True lover dance many slow dances and blaze into wild desire without fear.
Old men hold tight to beautiful faces and places.

The mystical places dwell in our heart forever.
Sweet names are whispered in secret made-up dreams.
The body will decay. Fatigue of living may overtake us.
The keepsakes of life are what we will hold dear and close.
Kind faces and sweet kisses are not forgotten.