You are my Lake Gichigumi prayer…

You are my Lake Gichigumi prayer…

Once we danced in Paris,

once we fell in love in Basel and

once we loved the big cities and the sea.

Kelli, Kelli my dearest Kelli.

We wanted everything once and we learned.

We had what we needed here at Port Austin.

Now you watch the calmness of the river leading to

Lake Gichigumi.

I love watching you meditate on the beauty of nature,

I know you love the Big Lake.

You whispered to me, “Your witchy woman want to burn some sage

near Lake Gichigama.

Dance barefoot with the powerful Lake Superior waves.

We can buy some wine and you tell me the story of the lovers,

the Ojibwa boy and girl who meet daily where the Big Lakes meet

the other. The evil gods couldn’t keep the lovers apart.”

I watched her slender fingers caress the rising sun and she smiled.

I told her, Lake Gichigama, last place where the wind is free,

last place for the people who love the earth, love the water, love the sky.

You are my  Michigan blessing and you my sweetest love.

You are my solstice, my Big Lake ambrosia.

She smiled and she whispered,

come on over and make me feel those words.

Words are meaningless if we don’t allow them to become true.

I went to her, and we watched sun rise and Lake Gichigumi 

song, could be heard by us.

                     Dancing Coyote