Stand by me. For Ukraine.

Stand by me

Russia are murdering people in Ukraine.
Russia is destroying great cities..
Who cannot feel sadness for people murdered by hate and greed?

People have lost cities, their homes.
Their families dislocated and lost. Feared murdered.
Our world had turned to mad dog leadership.
Take, steal and murder without consequences.

I asked the murderers using war as their reason.
What separate a man or woman?  Religion, race or color?

Wealth, oil, food and profit controlled this world.
Poor men die for rich man money.
Wars are fought for the oil fields and strong land.
Profit is the true goal. Not human life and dignity.

I’m told often. War is part of man texture. He must know war.
He must know greed and he must be blinded to the war that are far away.

I disagree. 99.5% of people do not want war.
We must stand as one. If soldiers will not fight. Wars will end.
Even in the land of milk and honey. The Generals in the United State military were asked.
Would you fire weapons against civilians?

Peace, my friend is not a dirty word. Rarely spoken. We need a billion people to demand peace.
Wars and terror are funded by countries and people. They need to bare the blame for the dead children, women and men in places they have no concern for.

Please stand with me. One people and one earth. Pray for peace. Demands powerful nations to send water, food and medicine, not guns. Who is crying for the homeless?  Who is wanting justice for the murdering of villages and people trying to erase a ancient people?

              Ojibwa prayer…
I dropped a pebble in the sea. I had held the pebble for days.
I whispered to the pebble.
Please create a movement. A movement to lead people away from hate.
We are brothers and sisters on the earth.
Please send the healing touch to people dead in heart and hope.
Please accept the so many coming to you Great Spirit.
Show them love and place to rest.
Please protect the children and teach the adults.
All life is precious. No-one should be touched by war.
We need a miracle today. Show the leaders.
Every child is a spirit of love and hope.
This is one planet and one people.
We must lead with kindness and love.

Thank you for reading. Takes one action of kindness to create a wave of hope and friendship.
Today we are at a bad place.  If we don’t change direction. We will leave our children with dead-ends.
                          Coyote/John Castellenas