I Dream

Please read the amazing poetry of a talented writer.

Laminsa Indies

I stand by myself,
beside myself,
torn apart by myriads of trials
and tones of sufferings,
yet I dream.

Like a wrecked ship
hit inimically by the waves,
out of use to its makers,
so am I,
yet I dream.

Seated calmly at the shore,
I look into the warry sea
and brave myself for the times,
It’s not over until I’m completely crushed down,
till my parts are used to roast fish;
and even when my parts will be used to roast fish,
I’ll still twist in the fire,
So, m’hmm…
I dream.

Like a ramshackle car,
left out in the rain,
bespattered and snowed upon,
so am I,
oh, yet I dream.

I look up the sky
and hear a voice saying loud,
“I’m coming for a ride, boy.”
So i think of myself on the roads again,
bouncing to the park,
just because I dream.


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