Praying for Uvalde, Texas…

 “The worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook plagues Uvalde, Texas after 19 children and two teachers are killed

I took my eight year grandchild to the school bus today. I talks to him about the 21 people murdered in Uvalde, Texas. My grandchild going to school and I had to tell him. Please Jaden, flight of fight. How do you tell a mother, a father, a grandparent. Their child, their grandchild was murdered? They announced a wonderful teacher was killed first. I have five beautiful grandchildren and at my work here in Michigan. Fathers and mothers are afraid for their children. They are angry. The poor mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparent. I will pray for them and I have shed tears for them. I wrote a poem for my baby daughter, years ago. Butterfly kisses. Our children teach us love. Today I will burn sage and I hope and pray the families can survive this lost. I don’t know if I could. I hope our leaders acts properly. Our children should be safe and sound on school property. Please add the 2 adults and 19 children into your prayers. Please remember and pray for the families. They will have many bad days to try to understand. Why anyone would murder their child. I don’t understand.

Butterfly kisses…

Once my baby girl,

once my world.

We had Summer days at the beach, Wandered all the parks near,

We shared the first day of school and I waited a thousand day at the bus-stop for you.

I learn love when you came into my world,

daddy’s little girl grow-up and they know.

Always a safe place in their father’s eyes and home.

I remember your butterfly kisses and your smile of gold.

You made my world more wonderful and I am thankful,

for my little girl, now strong woman.

I love you my little one.

John Castellenas