Dear Jenny…

Dear Jenny

Pretty woman danced alone.
Her body dancing freely to the good songs and
she had no concern for the observers of her dance.

I went to her in her quiet corner of the dance hall and I asked to sit with her. She smiled and she told me. A free country still my handsome soldier. But be careful. The Devil hides in strange places.

I smiled and  I told her. I met the Devil. He liked my company and he told me. I had a lot to accomplish still. She laughed and she told me. I like Long Island ice teas, men who want little and who escaped before the morning light.

I smiled and I told her. No clean people my new friend. All of us are dirty with sin. Life is just trickery to make us want more. She looked away as I ordered the drinks and she turned to me and asked. Soldier, I’m dirty with sin. Left people I loved behind and dirty with a hunger I cannot be fulfilled. You better walk away.  Better to not start a story leading to a bad ending.

I took her hands. The hands were afraid at first and than she held my hand tightly. I whispered to her wanting ear. I want a woman with a million miles of living. I don’t need the innocence of clean heart or mind. I want to feel the dirt of another the same as me. I know what the hopeful and young at heart can see and feel. Perfect love turns black with time dear Lady.

She smiled and she told me her name is Jenny. I told her my name is Johnnie. A Fort Hood soldier looking for a woman wild and free. Not looking for Jesus. Looking for some kindness of happiness. Her eyes begin to shine and she laughed at me and she gave me a quick kiss. She whispered to me. You make me smile and I liked your honest voice. If you can dance as good as you can talk. Maybe I will allow you to buy me a cup of coffee after the club is done.

Some Ray Charles  songs come alive from the speakers. The song “Georgia on my mind” is playing. The pretty woman asked. Can you two-step my Johnnie? I took her hand and I led her to the dance floor. I brought her close and we moved to the song. She fell into me and she held me tightly. She whispered. Love is not enough. Us heartless people are just grasping at hope in the chaos of lies and wine. I told her. Love can be sweet and pure. Love can be dirty and unwelcome.  Sometimes the people who love freedom over the walls and the locked doors. Can find each other for moment. Maybe we can be the lucky ones?

                              John Castellenas/Coyote