A silence voice. Is part of the problem. Do the children repair the foolishness of adults?

Where are the adults against gun violence? Where are the adults standing together to ensure laws are made to protect the children and everyone else. Where auto-weapons can’t easily be bought? In the next election. Anyone who support the NRA. They will not get my voice. Our children. Our blessings don’t understand. How we allow the selling of automatic like a pack of gum in Texas. 50 men and women voted against making guns harder to buy. 50 leaders, pockets filled with NRA money. Making excuses and the below videos. The children are standing as one. Maybe the student need to teach us. Next election. We must vote the 50 men and women out. If they passed this bill 2 years ago. 19 children and 2 teachers would be alive today. Time for us to follow our children. Stand as one. Our leaders in Washington D.C fear one thing only. Losing their position. Thank you for reading.