Catch the wind….

Catch the wind…

Please kind lady, please lay with me.

Allow the night to cover us with the warmth of love embrace.

We were strangers till we learned.

We had the same dreams, we were alone and we were scared.

Now we have coffee, books and time with the sea.

I want to teach you to be wild and brave again.

When you are near. I am brave.

Please let’s find the Big Sur and fall into her wildness and her beauty.

Allow the dangerous Pacific to teach us.

We are not done yet and we have great things to do still.

I want us to try to catch the wind.

I want us to waltz for the midnight moon,

show the goddess of the sea.

Wild hearts can live in the messy world.

Please lay with me till the sun appeared in the dawn.

Let’s dance and sing with the sea for the rising sun.

I will promise you today and more if you want.

We can create a canvas of two people who were fearless.

Allowed love to be painted bright and beautiful.

I love you my kind lady. Please promise me today.