Cecelia, dear Cecelia…

Cecelia, dear Cecelia

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" You don’t find love. Love will find you. John Donne. "

 Cecelia, dear Cecelia…

Cecelia, Cecelia.

Awake my dear lover, 

the morning had sprung and

we must find the sea with the moon falling into the western sea.

The sun rising from the east to light up our day.

We must seek the morning sea treasures waiting on the sand for us to find.

We need our coffee and our bare feet to feel the coldness of the morning sea.

You are my eternal beauty,

my everlasting dream.

Please my dearest Cecelia,

let’s make this day last forever.

She smiled and she told me. The parable of love is simple. Love demands payment and needs reminders. We must be willing to make the payment with kisses and kind words. We must remind our lover, they are our reasons to be alive. You and I, we love the pathless roads and the sea. We love the Bacchus wine and the the midnight dancing. We are seekers of joy, of the beauty of our messy world. Do you believe dear poet, we can know peace and calm?

He told her. Cecelia, Cecelia, my beautiful Cecelia. Let’s rise from our warm bed and let’s find the Pacific. We have now and maybe tomorrow. We must drink-up life and celebrate this day, this hour, this minute. The only regret of love is when we retreat away from her. Today I will run to you and I will pray for more kisses. I will pray for a lifetime of holding your hand and I pray to be in your gorgeous eyes forever.

I love you dear Cecelia, today, tomorrow and forever..

Dancing Coyote