Our children and the teachers who protect/teach.

1- Little children..

Beautiful faces, fearless faces. The little children want to have some fun and enjoy life. Now 19 children were murdered in a classroom. I have five grandchildren and everyday, I send them off to school. I told my youngest. Fight or flight. Someone said is praying isn’t enough. She was right. We must demand change in the gun laws. We must scream and shout against 50 men in the Senate. Today I look at the photo of 19 children and two teachers. I do pray for the parent, the grandparent, the family and the city. Something cannot be forgotten, some pain is forever.

2- Dear Eva Mireles and dear Irma Garcia….

Two strong and beautiful women tried to protect the children. They found them holding the children they taught. What were their last words to the children? Teachers in the school blocked the doors with their bodies. Willing to accept bullets for the children they loved, they taught. What is our world becoming? Dear Eva and dear Irma, I pray the children are at their feet . Teacher, a honored word. 

3-  50 men in the Senate say. The guns are not the problem. Thousand of school children are marching together against the weak gun laws in the USA. if they passed the bill for stronger I.D checks and age limit two years ago. Today two teachers and nineteen children would be alive still. Maybe if us parents, grandparent and adult stand as one. Vote out the NRA supporters. Make our world safer for the children and all people. Over 200 mass killings in the USA this year. When will the USA have enough? 

Thank you for reading.