The fingerprints…

The fingerprints…

I washed the blankets and I washed the sheets. I opened the Window wide and the damn cold air awoke my memory of you. On a September night in the Fall, you brought your clothing, your toothbrush and your womanly things into my house. You promised me forever and I remember you, laying nude on my bed, waiting for me to fall into your skin, your mouth and those dark brown eyes. I saw the tapestry of chaos in your smile. I knew you were just seeking shelter and I was the safest place you could find.

Now the March cold days are here. You had packed your clothing, tossed away the old toothbrush and left your womanly things abandon in my bathroom. You gave me a lasting kiss and you walked out the door. You didn’t look back as the street stole your memory away from me.

Now I put the womanly things in a box and every item I touched. I feel your hands dancing upon my skin. I told the night, damn the fingerprints stuck upon my skin, my mouth and my mind. I remembered your pale skin and your wanting words. Johnnie, love is loan kisses and midnight dances. No-one can love forever. We are too greedy and we always want more and more.

Now I am surrounded by a million fingerprints. Now the million words said in just,  make me want to escape. I looked to the rising moon and I told her. I knew Jenny would, I knew Jenny was myth and tale. I wanted to taste pain, sweat and the deadly sweetness of her mouth, I wanted to fall into the warmth of her soft skin and I knew. Those dark brown eyes would break my heart one day.

Now I am trying to erase days and nights of the her. And I know. Tattoos fingerprints on yearning skin, willing kisses received are permanent scars remembered. We become a leftover memory on the white walls of rooms that keep our secrets.

The fingerprints are everywhere and I see them dancing around me. I tell the night. Thank you for teaching me the sweet hello and the deadly goodbye. I know we must know both to had lived.