if only

Amazing written and verbal poetry by a great poet. Please read and enjoy his work.)

George Ellington

if only the earth journeying passionately through the stars
could a voice convey expressing the night and day
as most hopeful harmonies seeding the sky with song,
its voice would be yours

if only the stars farthest and near could clearly entrance
each heart into the finest and most zealous dance
prancing across the horizon like wind whipping steeds,
their laughter would be yours

if only the trees could pleasing bow in honest utterance
their limbs leafing sweetly generous caresses across
timid breezes blowing gentlest meaningful greens,
their kindness would be yours

if only the indomitable mountains carelessly bearing so richly
the scars of time, enduring the aging avarice of petty men,
could with the strength of their veins a woman imbue,
their resilience would be yours

and all of this being so
how could i not love you

Salt Lake City 24 May 2022

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