No violence in love… Tender Loving Care…


Tender loving care… No violence in love…

Today our world is struggling. Today so many tears for the many men, women and children being murdered by mad men. Our world need T.L.C. Our world is becoming messy and time for us, who believe in love. Time for us who believe in family, to gather as one. The children need a safe place to go to school. Grandma and Grandpa need to feel safe when they go shopping. I can’t understand why men would kill the innocence. Hard to create change when wealth control our nation. Like the wonderful song told us. No violence in love. Time for grandparent, parent, men and women to stand for no violence. No automatic weapons being sold. We need less guns and more kindness.

After the Texas mass killings. The children gathered and they demanded change. Where were the adults? A silent voice, a quiet life. Accept life as-is. The 50 Republican Senators who voted against raising the selling of gun to 21 years old, background checks. Their greed and the NRA. Should be held responsible for the killing of the children and two teachers.

Today I feel helpless and the next election. I will ensure I study the candidates. Time for change. Millions are losing their homes in the USA, food prices making life impossible to maintain and the gas prices. What do the common women or common man do? I hope in the next election. We do a cleaning out of the rich Senators and lifetime politicians. 

Today I hold heavy sadness for 19 beautiful children and two wonderful teachers. I don’t know, should I cry or should I scream? I do know. It is time. Time to stop the violence. Stand as one for the safety of our children.

No violence in love.