The Bacchus wine…

The Bacchus wine….Part one..

She was a Gypsy girl beauty. She had wildest eyes, the eyes of wonder and miracles. She waited for me in a bed of cotton sheets, her robust body barely covered and a wicked smile. I watched her dark eyes and I loved the paleness of her  skin. Her willingness to be fearless and so brave. She made me want to be wild and free.

I adored her face, the movement of her hips when she walked. I yearn to fall into the softness of her breast and I wanted to kiss her butterfly tattoo that was falling down deep into her back.

I told her. You have won my heart with your kind words and your generous smile. You are my ancient spirit and my everlasting treasure. I adore you.


The Bacchus wine… Part two.

The Bacchus wine made her brave and wild. Made her calm spirit desire a unholy dance and to make love near the sea. When the Bacchus wine was good, she would cast away her fear and she would demand my attention. She would tell me. Johnnie, Johnnie. I am starved for kisses, a slow dance and your attention. Am I destine for a hell-bound trip?

I took her right hand, kissed the hand softly and I told her. Young ladies decide, if a man is blessed or not. The young lady decide the fickle emotions of the dance of love. The emotion of love, like a Spring flower. The beautiful flower decide when to bloom in the Spring. There is great danger when we open up our mind and body dear lady. We must ensure our love is kind, honest and  sweet.

She smiled and she asked me. Dear street poet, are you kind, honest and sweet? I told her, my majesty beauty, my beautiful friend. Life is chaos. Mistress love is blissful and wild. Only the brave can partake.

She looked serious and she asked me. Are you brave enough?

Dancing Coyote