The days of love… Three little poems…

1— He loved her so. She played his heart softly and tenderly like a violin. Creating a song of majestic days, eternal nights. Her music filled with grace and joy. She was a gem among the stones in the river. So lovely to see.

2— He told the Clinton River. Love is like a pretty rose. Need care and concern to keep alive. A beautiful rose will charm us for a short time. Love needs reminders and if love promises become forgotten. The love shall die. But the rose will die in the month of July and reappear in the Springtime again. When love died. The death is long and painful. Rarely can be revived.

3—  I love my Big Sur gal. She love to sway with the sea and she love to steal kisses. She love the Pacific Ocean and she is wild in heart. I adore her magnificent dancing hazel eyes. When her hands are interlacing my hands, I can see everything wonderful and bright. She is my sea maiden with the wild sea in her eyes.