A wing and a prayer…

 A wing and a prayer…

He told the Lake St. Clair. We become, who suppose become. Hell-bound life can lead us to place of peace. He told the lady of the lake. Kind and pretty lady, we can be cursed, we can be broken and we are not done. Did I do enough? Was I, kind to the people near? Did I respect the water, the earth and the sky?

Beautiful Carla told me. Us, who love words, we learn what George Peele wrote.

“What thing is love?

For love is a thing. 

It is a prick,

it is a sting.

It is a pretty, pretty thing.”

We can do what we can and we are riding on a wing and a prayer. Flying freely and hoping we can land on our feet. In the end, a good life. Loving many, laughing and singing children at our feet and understanding. We need to be kind, we need to teach love, not chaos. This is one earth and one people. Everyone matters in our world. Johnnie, you did good. You left good soil and strong children. This is all we can do.

I took her hand and we walked to the Witch tree by the lake. I told her. I love the Witch tree, she is reaching for the sky and the water. Her many branches reaching for the sky, the water. A blessing to behold. Dear Carla. You are a beautiful to behold. You are built of good days and bad days. And you stood your ground.

She smiled and she laughed. She told me. Today we burn sage and we will drink watermelon wine. We will dance with Lake St. Clair and you will write words upon my skin. Burning words to make my slumbering heart and mind come alive. You and I know. We are dancing on a wing and a prayer. Hoping we can find kind faces, soft voices and kind hearts to make our journey easy and nice. We will do fine. We are kindred spirit seeking the sameness. More laughter, more good day and maybe love can save us.