Dear Cheryl prayed to the stars….

 Dear Cheryl prayed to the stars for the crying night moon…

(For a kind woman, I once knew. We met at the wrong time. She died alone in Reno.)

Once a beautiful woman believed love was grand, the kisses would become sweeter and love would save her. She would find me drinking alone and she would whisper. Johnnie, Johnnie, I am so damn blue and so cold. I would give her a hello kiss and I would tell her.

Love be damned, love be sweet. When we hear the nightingale song and we are alone. We need to be drunk on kisses and try to feel. Wanted. Dear Cheryl, you tempt my soul, you tempt my mind. I know you are boundless energy and the Devil’s kiss. You and I had murdered love and we want more. Every time our lips touch, we sin. Every time our bodies meet. I want more.

She smiled and she laughed at my words. She whispered to me. Am I your damnation Johnnie. Do I make your mind sweat with lust? I want us to run away from here. We are the same and so different dear Johnnie. I send you a SOS and I can find you in the darkest tavern waiting for me. Johnnie, Johnnie, am I a bad, bad woman? Do you think of me when the night is lonely, does your body yearn for me?

I brought her closer and I told her. Talk to me, listen to me. Your voice like Black Velvet whiskey kisses to me. The more I drink, the more I need. Our love is sin, gin and tomfollery of two hearts. We have no-place to run to. We are making wishes to the liar’s moon and we will fall into a million pieces, that can’t be fixed if keep finding the cheap motels and we write on telling white walls. Love words that will die on the old paint and be forgotten.

Her eyes became sad and she kissed me hard. She took my hands and she kissed them and she whispered. Please dear Johnnie, show me, I am worthwhile and okay. Break me into pieces, making me feel someone love my face, my voice  and my skin. I want to feel clean I am tire of the ugly people telling me, I am shit. I need some kindness, tender words and to hold someone tightly who looked into my eyes. Making me feel good. You are the only one left, who can.

We found our secret motel and we locked the door. I put on the jazz songs and she released her clothing slow and easy. I loved watching her bare feet move to the calming songs. Her beautiful face showed me her kind smile and I loved her moving hips and breasts. The movement of womanly curves made my eyes adore her more and need her more.

She came to me and she went to her knees. Her eyes looked deeply into my eyes, seeking kindness and appreciation. I whispered to her. You are not shit. You are magically kisses, perfect landscape from your pretty feet to beautiful face. Are we the same? We find each other and do we love? Or are we just stealing from each other?

She gave me a gentle smile and she kissed my knees. She whispered. You demand nothing and you give me everything to me. I need someone to talk to me like I am alive. I need someone to make me feel, like I am the most beautiful woman in his world. You do. When your eyes are dancing for me and your read your poetry to me. I am special. More then just flesh and bone. To be used up and tossed away. I know you are the following of rules, you and I. We are Winter and Summer. Please don’t forget me. I need someone to remember my name. I hate the silence.

We fell to the soft bed and I tasted her skin and my hands moved slowly over her wanting skin. I whispered to her. Dear Cheryl, lovely Cheryl, beautiful Cheryl. I want to fall in love with you and us, broken people. Can we find the safety of love again? I will remember you, I will remember us. In kind and sweet verse. I will make you my immortal love. We are so far and so close. Maybe you and I. We are just dancers, adrift in wishes that cannot be.


© 2021 Coyote Poetry