The saga of Veronica…

The saga of Veronica… Part one..

She torments my mind and she swim in my dreams. She loved the white English roses and the Spring wildflowers. She laughed at my poetry and I love her morning songs. I adore her morning voices with hot coffee and her 6am smile.

I adore her when she flouts her hips and she dances with the sea. Beautiful Veronica make sleeping man awake and always can make me smile. She flouts her bare shoulders and the sun-kissed  her bare legs. Allowing my tire eyes to see the beauty of her.

I whispered to her. Please stay with me my sweet love till we can’t love no-more. Let’s us find tropical place, good drink and no-place to be. You are my miracle, my wonder. I adore following you to the ancients cities, art museums and the highest mountain peaks. Please talk to me. Love words or not. I need your heavenly eyes upon my face to make me feel. I am okay.

She smiled and she took me to the sea. We dance to the song of the ocean, that takes us to our utopia of love grasp.

 Saga of Veronica- part two- Entangled

You and I, my beautiful Veronica.

We have entangled our hearts in the dangerous game of love. We fell into a bondage of love without the  mercy of a safety net.

Is love, a prison? Or a taste of ambrosia? Dearest Veronica, should I stay or should I go?

Her eyes soften and she whispered to me. My sweet, my love. Please don’t let me go. The bondage of love can be heavy and hurtful. I want the liberty of your kiss at 6am with coffee and at midnight. When the witches hours are upon us, I want us wild and free. Love will charm us rarely and we must be brave my dear lover. Please hold on tighter and let’s us pray for more.

I kissed her once, I kissed her twice and I told her. I will stay as long as you need need my kind lady. I need your bliss, your kiss and you near me. Always.

The saga of Veronica- part three- Mistress love…

Mistress love was in her eyes, mistress love was in her voice.

We waltzed near the Spanish sea and she held me tightly.

He knew he had touched utopia being in her arms and he told her. Thank you for the dance dear Veronica. You make me smile and you make me feel so good. 

She smiled and she told him. You Michigan boys make us German gals smile. You believe you are Hemingway, maybe John Donne? I do love the tavern poets, they make us German girls feel pretty and special. We need to feel pretty and special dear Johnnie.

He kissed her once and he kissed her twice. He knew, a woman willing embrace given. A gift.

He brought her closer and he whispered to her. Love be sweet, love be damned. I will follow you anywhere dear Veronica. You are my German Winter miracle.

The saga of Veronica- part four- My sea dancer…

“Deep as first love, and with regret.

O death in life, the days are no-more— Lord Alfred Tennyson

He told his German gal beauty dear Veronica, beautiful woman are like roses, so damn pretty and they have thorns to cut you and make you bleed. It is better to keep a lady content. Hell-bound spirited women can become a hurricane.

She smiled at him and she told him. Johnnie, Johnnie. You are the best Tavern lawyer and poet in Germany. Please write me a love poem to make my heart dance with joy. He wrote to his journal.

“Veronica, beautiful Veronica.

So nice, so sweet. So kind.

Are you my love blessing?

Or are you a Devil’s kiss.

I told you on a Summer Eve,

I need a kind woman with a heart of gold,

a sweet voice of a angel.

Someone to make me believe,

love is everything.

We had moonshine nights,

midnight dances and kisses that besieged my heart.

Will you love me forever?

Or am just a fancy for a September night?”

Her eyes turned softer and she whispered. Can all things be forgiven? No. We must heal and we will not forget. He wrapped his arms around her and he told her. My beautiful sea dancer. Life is fair. Sometimes we must rewrite a story with a happy ending. You are so kind, so sweet, so brave. You make me want to know love blessings. She smiled and she told him. Me too dear poet.

The saga of Veronica- part five- The sea dancer, part two.

He observed her dance with the sea. Her pretty feet ducking and dodging the evening movement of the cold water. He told the moon, he told the stars. Dear Veronica, she is my sea dancer, kiss stealer and his smile maker.

She loved the nightingale song and the sweet September German wines. He told the moving clouds, I love you dear Veronica.  I love your mermaid kisses and the feel of your pale skin against my skin. Your spirit untamed and wild, make me feel, life can be more.

Please come away with me and find the morning sunrise, hot coffee, free days and the sweet taste of love. You are my treasure, my ecstasy, my opium in the dark world. Please stay with me and allow the kindness of love to make us believe. Our lullaby of love is true.

Dancing Coyote