For Her

Powerful and worthwhile words shared.

Brigid Faye, Reader

Times flashes before my eyes

And to my surprise

I do not cry.

I remember everything

From the way the rain caressed my skin in the countless storms.

To the lighting I chased into a holler.

I remember dancing in Paris

Drinking wine and champagne

The sounds of cicadas in the heat of southern France

The ocean kissing my thighs staying in a mansion on an island in Charleston

Jumping off a ship forty feet high, into the depths of Lawrence Bay.

Walking in Boston with heels 6 inches high, 18 miles and cool breezes go bye.

My heart breaking in two

When the one who groomed me just would not do.

Military obedience. Knock on wood and I remember my name.

Gatton Academy the smell of a dorm.

Woodsy outings every chance that I could.

Smacked in the face with a set of tongs.

My fiancé and I hating…

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