Love has no pride…

Love had no pride…

Pretty wishes, pretty memories,

become kind and sweet places we have known.

I remember my greatest wish,

ginger hair girl with the eyes of hazel,

she was once, my midnight dancer in the cold nights of Winter.

On a night with the liar’s moon above,

I told her, I loved her so and she whispered.

“Dear Johnnie, forgive me,

I am a mess and cannot be awaken.”

I held her tighter and I whispered.

Please tell me sweet lies,

please make me believe in miracles and wishes.

I know, love had no pride.

We have tonight, maybe tomorrow.

You and I,

we are running from everything and everyone.

The half-moon night is above us,

we can share the sweet lies.

Pretend  we have forever and a-day.

Pretty Jenny wrapped her nude body tightly around me,

she whispered.

 “Love had no pride dear Johnnie,

after we give everything away,

we are leftover people,

accepting the quiet night,

where we love the loneliness.”

I kissed her neck and I whispered,

“Sweet words, just words,

perhaps excuses to make us pretend we have touched love bounty.

You have forsaken love and I am seeking miracles and the greatest myth.

Love will save us.

We do the lover’s dance,

share a thousand kisses,

we make promises that cannot be kept.

She lay in my arms and you whispered. Love had no pride,

once I tasted love and love left be broken and alone.

Johnnie, my savior, my kind friend.

I allowed you in, because I know.

Damn poets and writers adore “Love”,

they love the long river and the deep sea.

They love the drink and they are kind to the lonely ladies.

You love the liar’s moon.

Every November,

we gather our two lives,

become Winter’s lovers,

who just steal and borrow and you leave me in late December.

You and I.

Just dancers on the storm, make believing.

Love will find us.”

I looked at the night sky,

the liar’s moon above me and I whispered.

I did love you my ginger hair beauty,

my hazel eyes girl.

I  wished too late,

we were braver and allowed the sweetness of love blessing to hold our heart.

                Dancing Coyote