Jazzy Saturday poetry…

Jazzy Saturday poetry..

1- I told her she was so damn pretty. I love those eyes of coffee brown. I had watched her dance alone. Tight black dress, strong legs and robust body made me wish for something I didn’t need. She asked me. Johnnie be good, Johnnie be bad. Good boys go to heaven and the bad boys go anywhere they please. Are you my bad, bad Johnnie tonight? I told her, we have whiskey, the Jazz, so sweet, so good. You are looking so good. I believe you and I. We love the sin, we love the whiskey and we love the liar’s prayer. If you want dear Sophia. I will go where you want me to be. She smiled, kissed me long and hard. She whispered. Us hell-bound people need safe haven. You and I. Just greedy, always wanting more and more. Can we find peace? I told her. No peace for the Gypsy heart, no peace for people seeking everything. Everything cost a-lot.

2- She was moving slowly, she was moving fast to the jazzy songs. First kiss, last kiss, I do remember. Naked we be, naked we need. The window wide open and the jazz loud and strong. I danced behind her, her hips holding tightly to my skin and I told her. You are sweeter and tastier than the Black Velvet whiskey, warmer than the Death Valley desert. I love you so. You make me believe. We must bleed,  we must give in, to our needs and wants. We must scream to the sky and we must sing the blues to the sea. Better to be slightly mad than accept the quiet road. She smiled and she whispered. We must taste the Bacchus wine and leave the dead folks to accept less. We need open windows, loud jazz and to make love on the patio for the moon to see. Life goes quickly and if we find the unknown path. Locked doors and secure life will kill our souls. I kissed her once, I kissed her twice and I told her. Let’s find the fault line tomorrow, seek our secret waterfall. Let’s burn some sage and pray for more.

Dancing Coyote