The poet’s eyes, the lover’s song…

The poet’s eyes, the lover’s song…

A pretty lady glided across the room to me. Her eyes inflamed with the hunger for a dance, sweets words and some kisses.

I told her. Dear Veronica, my dearest Veronica. You are looking so beautiful, so wild, so dangerous tonight. What you need my lovely gal?

She embraced me tightly and she whispered to me. I want everything and some more. She was dressed in her favorite black tight short dress, showing strong, solid and beautiful legs. Her eyes demanding my attention.

I told her. In my poet’s eyes. You are my treasure, my wonder and my greatest mystery. The hunger in those wild eyes made me want to sing a forever love song to you my beautiful Veronica. I will try my best to make you smile. Will this be enough?

She laughed and she told me. Love demand payment. You may steal one kiss and maybe another. Maybe I will want more dear poet. First I need a slow dance, many sweet words and the moon, the sea. To lead us to the ambrosia of love promise. Are you brave enough?

I told her. The metaphor of love is simple. We never want enough when the gifts of love and kindness is near. Tonight I want everything and more. Can you give me this much?

She kissed me softly and she told me. I would steal the moon for you to make you smile, to make you laugh. You are the fire in my heart dear Johnnie. You had showed me. Love is still alive and love can be sweet. You are my sweetest dreams and my best days.

Dancing Coyote