Catch me, if I fall…

My grandfather told me often. “Never leave with anger and negative words to someone you love. Better to hold silence if you are angry and tell them. I love you and I need you alive and strong. My door is wide open for you if you need a safe place to go. If you need anything, please ask. Sometime they may not return. Last words you spoke to them. Last memory of them, please make them happy and joyful.”

Catch me if I fall

I told my friend.

We need more angels,

more kind words,

more smiled given and received.

We need more hand holding,

we need more long talks and more coffee time with dear friends,

We need to try to save people who are struggling,

we need to pay attention to the people we love.

Be there for them, catch them when they fall and

celebrate with them in the good days.

Love, my friend. Is all we have.

Dancing Coyote