Hello, I love you….

 Hello, I love you…..

Hello dear stranger, you came into my dream last night. I fell at your feet, kissed your hands and I told you. I love you my celestial beauty. I rested my head into your lap and you sang kind words of love to me.

The great sea separate us now and I write into secret journals.

“Kelly, Kelly my dearest love.

Your voice, like a gentle flowing river to my heart.

I need you,  a damsel who love the long road, cold night, holding tightly.

Not seeking more. Being content with what we have.

Untold, unwritten stories make the heart bleed for things not touched or held.

I told you often dear beautiful Kelly.

Make me believe, love is alive and so damn sweet.

I know we are condemned by things we didn’t do.

Maybe I was a rainbow chaser,

a penny wisher in the wishing well of life.

I told the night Goddess, dear Selena.

Please tell the most beautiful gal in the world.

I love her so.”

The Lake St. Clair poet told the rising moon. I need someone to excite my soul,

to make my mind race to new dreams and to wander the world with.

Maybe old men will forget one day. The sweetness of the warmest kiss, 

the embrace of a beloved and the voice of a lover.

Or, will he write to paper. I remember the sweetest voice and in the sweetest dreams.

I will remember you.