Longing, belonging and our secrets…

  Longing, belonging and our secrets…

Lover, lover, lover.

Once we loved the long nights,

once the wine tasted sweeter.

Now our longing, belonging and our secrets,

are bloody finger prints on a over-painted wall.

I told you once,

you were my life,

my will, to live for.

Now we make love like strangers,

our kisses less warm,

our laughter deleted.

Now our longing dispersed in the storm of living,

the belonging of love,

bled-out and never to be awaken.

Our secrets words spoken in the midnight hours,

became just myth and tale in the hidden words in my poetry.

We kissed goodbye on a rainy Spring day and

I took my books with me.

I left you my smiles, my laughter, my heart.

Now old poet sing to the Spring moon,

“where does love go?

why do we destroy the sweetest day,

the kindest nights?

Our we destine to know,

longing, belonging and our secrets,

heavy memory to drown our hope.

I told the stars,

I love you, I love you, I love you.

And you have forgotten my name.

                         Dancing Coyote