Raging emotions..

Raging emotions

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" A poem for love and my favorite place. "

       Raging emotions…

Long talks and strong coffee at the Monterey coffee shop.
Bring lovers of the poetry together.
Poets, writers and musician gather to celebrate the word on Tuesday.

In the distance the Pacific ocean is dancing on the shore.
The Winter storm making the ocean rise up and show its fury.

Old scholars, surfers and young poets gather to share their words.
Words of sweet roses  and wine, gifts of old lovers brought to life by old men in kind and sweet words.
Young writers talk of darkness and dancing in the consumption of hell.
Their eyes fearless and voice knowing dreams and possibilities still.

The Monterey Bay accept all who come.
She had no contempt for who you are and where you came from.
The sea called the Poets to the sea.

Hot coffee allowed the sea coldness to stay away.
The Tuesday poetry reading always end up on the pier.
We sit in the Hemingway chairs at the end of the pier.
The old Poets will read from his collection.
His last words are always the same.

Thank you, word men and word women for sharing your words.
I believe we honor Hemingway by gathering together to keep poetry
alive and strong.

The raging sea need to be celebrated and appreciate.
If we are lucky. Maybe we will hear the sirens of the sea.
Whispering to us to join her in the dance of the wild waves.

We must allow our raging emotion to be transfer to the pen and paper.
Writers are like the sea. Their energy and fury must be read and we must tell
the truth in good or bad times.

A writer don’t lie. He tells the world what he is seeing.
He must not be afraid of naysayer.
The truth must be set free.  Real writers have great responsibility.

10 people watched the Winter storm. Watching the powerful sea with love and respect.
Good strong coffee and the company of writers.
Paradise for lucky word man.

                              September 2013