Somedays are perfect…

Some days can be perfect

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Life is like the sea. We can be as powerful as a Winter storm or quiet as the smooth dance of the morning tide. "

                                     Somedays are perfect…

Wine, dance and the song.
The good days are long and sweet.
The tasty and sweet  wines open the doors to new friendships and possibilities.
New songs are written upon our heart and minds.

Sweet Jenny, long auburn hair and eyes of river blue.
Her legs as long as the Mississippi river danced by the small lake.
She fell to the ground and she drew a heart. Wrote my name inside and rose
up and gave me sweet kisses and a warm embrace.

We drank the Germany September red wine.
Weak in alcohol and sweet in the taste of fruit.
She loved to dress up. She great dreams of being a designer of clothing.
I wanted only to swim in her eyes.

She was young and beautiful. Her joy for living brought hope and desire
to the lucky people she allowed near.
Jenny wanted to feel and know everything. Her desire would over take her.
I tried to make her content.

Pleasure and pain is a roller coaster ride. You can keep up or fall behind.
Love isn’t ever fair.
Sweet Jenny stole a kiss and requested with a smile for me to join her in our bed.

Jenny gave me everything and wanted nothing.
Sweet love, tender words whispered in the heat of passion mean very little
in the light of the day.

Beautiful Jenny left me alone and wanting more.
I learn some days and nights can be perfect.
Time can heal all wounds.

Some woman cannot be held forever. Just for a moment in time.
Love can’t be capture. Only shared and expanded.