God’s gonna cut you down… And A Johnny Cash song…

God’s going to cut you down (Johnnie Cash)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" I have been listening to Neil Young and Johnnie cash tonight. Good song create powerful poetry. "

    God’s going to cut you down       (Johnny Cash)

I told the kids. Hate make us no good. Leave us almost dead. When you dead. What is left?

I told the preacher. I have sins. I have done most of the deadly seven sins. I never seeks peace or forgiveness. I was led by greed and I don’t believe God will not forgive the men who left only marks of greed, lust and drink. I loved the road more than love. I believe men who danced on fire stone of self-need and  he don’t believe in heaven or hell. Will know purgatory with loads of foolish men. The preacher thought a moment and told me. God will forgive and expect payment. Men who believe they are Gods on earth. They get cut down to size in hell. You are not a murderer or hurt the child. God can see inside. You will see you did your best.

Old wordsmith sat near the Pacific with two kids. The two young Poets asked. What is right?  What is wrong? Is this hell on earth or are we just living and dying without reason and purpose?  Old Poet told them. Look at the sky and the sea. Look at the sun falling into the sea. I believe we are just part of a great plan. You must do your best. Lead with love and kindness. This is your world. One kind and strong voice can save our world. Maybe one person at the time. A wave of hope can be create by true love and great dreams. God is good. He is like a parent. We mold and teach our children. We hope our children become good people and carry out great things. A parent, like God. We must allow our children to grow without walls and fear. Set them free. No perfect person. We will fall often and must get up. This isn’t hell. Hell is a lot worst. You can decide your journey. Free-will my friend. God gave us free-will.

I watch the men in Washington sending young women and men to war.  Jesus loved the child. Government that send the young to learn death and war over love and dreams. I do believe God will demand payment.  If these greedy men want war? They should go and fight. The taste of blood isn’t very sweet. Maybe the Berserkers for war would be less gainful if they fought for oil, land and religion themselves.

Johnny Cash told us. “God’s going to cut you down.”  There are lessons in the words of the song. There is payment for all things.

The Wordsmith told the young Poets. Travel, love and have many friends. The end will come. Better to know death with a peaceful heart. He who had known love, beauty and was kind to strangers in need. I believe will find God and be welcomed.

    Coyote/John Coyote