If I knew…

If I knew.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" We learn too late to be quiet. Anger and violence leads only to more pain and sadness. "

  If I knew..

 If I knew.
 I would of  loved more and said less.

Sweet memories slip into my mind of us.
Two people loving and holding tight like it was our last moment.

I remember walking  hand in  hand with you.
On lonely beaches.
Never more happy.

 The sweet times are rare now.

 Eyes of youth had faded away with life burdens and losses.

 I look into the mirror and see a tire man.

 I wish to go back and feel again.
 To hunger for sweet  kisses and love til the morning light.

Walk down the naked beaches of Monterey coast.
In a mist of silence with a gentle hand in mine. 

 I didn’t know laughter and dreams would fade away.

 If I knew I would of tried to stop time.

 Hold you like you were my last breath.

                          John Castellenas