Una Noche mas..

Una noche mas..

She danced alone to the sweet Jazz. Her hips swaying slowly and her legs/feet feeling every note of the song. I went to her and I held her tightly, falling into the movement of hips and I told her.

You awake my mind, dear Cindy. You awake my soul. When I hold you close. I am fearless and bold. Dear beautiful Cindy. Make me believe, you love me. Please teach me, love is everything, love is wanting more and more.

She turned and she held me tightly and she whispered. Feel my breasts against you, hear my heart beat. We are still alive and we need to feel alive. We need gentle kiss and soft hands touching us, making us feel alive. When we are dead dear Johnnie. We won’t need anything.

I whispered to her, kissed her neck, I kissed her ears and I kissed her lips. I whispered dear Cindy. How much do we need? She laughed at my words and she kissed me hard and sweetly.  She told me. Johnnie, Johnnie. We don’t die till we accept death of the heart. We need the magic of someone to adore us.

I told her. I adore you dear Cindy. You make sleeping man, wish and dreams. Please una noche mas, my beautiful Cindy. She smiled and she whispered. Please take what you need and please stay with me forever. You make me smile and I need to smile.