A whiskey and a glass of water…

A whiskey and a glass of water…

She gave me whiskey kisses and we danced the Texas two-step till the witches hours. She was a bad, bad woman and I wanted more and more. She loved me, I had cash for the whiskey and the side of the water. She told me, never mix together the whiskey and the water. Whiskey need to go down hard and the water make it easier. 

She told me. Let’s not trifle with love words. Words become meaningless and the only proof that matters. Is the Scottish whiskey, the good song and us, bare-ass at 4 am. You and I. Just lies and stories, we have become drunk on whiskey kisses and we loved the witches hours. We use and abuse our skin till we cannot no-more. This is all we need.

I caressed her long legs, I kissed her stomach and I wrote on her skin. “Baby sweet, my devil kiss. You are a bad, bad woman and I want more and more. You are my muse, you are my siren. You are my deadly story where we show real face and we never lie. Love be damn, love shall break your heart only. We love the whiskey, the witches hours and finding safe place.”

She smiled and she said. Johnnie, kiss me wild, kiss me sweetly. Make me believe, I am alright and I will make you smile. Please Johnnie, filled the coffee cup with the Johnnie Walker whiskey. I love your whiskey kisses and the hunger in your eyes. Let’s drink and please Johnnie, steal me away to a place where I can know pleasure and utopia of the skin and the sin.

I kissed her belly and we drank the whiskey. I told her. Darling, sweetheart. Your wish is my command. You are my  bittersweet love and my joy. You made the dead man believe he is alive.

She smiled and she whispered. Please Johnnie, make me smile tonight. I need to smile tonight.