Almost forever…

“I look back in time. I remember your beautiful face and I wonder what, we could of been?”

“The softness of love, we cannot forget.”

Almost forever… Dear Bridgette….

The curse of love can be so sweet, can be so damn bitter. Can be everlasting or maybe just a fling. Maybe we were just stealing kisses and loaning embrace.

In our youth, we believe love is splendor. We make pretty wishes of forever and we don’t know. Lovers would become strangers.

Once a kind woman saved me. Tonight I whispered her name to the rising moon. Bridgette, Brigette, I loved you so. Thank you for your gift of love to me. My eyes were dead and I sought peace in the whiskey. My once a flamed heart was dead and bury. I remember you smoothe me with gentle and soft words. You took me home, bathe me, sang to me. You weaved me a safe place to rest.

I remember your pale skin, I remember your warm kisses. You took me to your small bed. We were bare and honest. You treated me like your first love and I didn’t know. You were my first true love.

Now I paint with words. Pretty Bridgette, beautiful Bridgette dancing alone to Leonard Cohen and Elvis. I remember how we rations our love, like we knew. The taste of kisses can become sweeter. The dance of lovers need to expand and multiply to forever.

I tell the stars in the night sky. I wish to see her face again, I wish to hear her sweet voice. Telling me. Johnnie, you will be okay. I will take care of you.  I would tell her. Darling, honey and my dear Bridgette. I remember you.

Dancing Coyote