Choose your forever…

Hopeful and good words shared by a talented writer.

Learning with Life

If I choose a forever, I choose to be forever grateful
I have been blessed and saved as if I am god’s own child
A lot of times unknowingly beyond my imagination and sometime even difficult to comprehend
The struggle makes me a better version ever
Though Initially not understood, but end results always magical

If I choose a forever, I choose a forever hope
The only and only reason to never give up
Its because of immense hope the world’s keep going
Hope is the ultimate guide
Sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the way
The only way to travel is to travel with hope

If I choose a forever, I choose to forever believe
Believe in myself…believe in god… believe in kindness
Believe in everything going to be fine
Believe even in some strange circumstances, how difficult it can be
Believe can make you achieve….believe can…

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