The elixir…

 The Elixir…

She had the Bacchus wine a plenty. She had found a dark corner to drink away the world. She was pissed-off lady drinking alone. I watched her and she was praying to the wine, wishing to be somewhere else. I went to her and I asked her. Need a fresh drink? She turned and her eyes looked at him with coldness. She told me. I don’t need company tonight. I am not friendly tonight. I laughed at her words and I told her. A mournful muse, she is still a muse.

Her eyes turned less cold and she asked me. Are you the Belton, Texas Hemingway. Do you believe pretty words can make a woman nicer? I smiled and I told her. Men love the dangerous gals. Those pretty women with anger in their face and eyes. Easy women don’t tempt the brave men. Brave men love the hell-fire ladies.

She laughed at his words and she asked me. What is your cure to fix a pissed-offed lady? I smiled and I told the bartender. Two of my favorite elixir. Please light on the coke. The bartender brought two Long Island ice teas to them.

She smiled and she tasted the drink. She asked me. What is the drink, it is good, it is tasty. I told her, my elixir to kill my bad spirit. The Long Island ice tea, five shots of the white alcohol. It make the devil in us, easier to live with.

She asked me. Do you believe I am the devil? I smiled and I told her. On a hot Texas night. The devil is always near, dear pretty lady. She smiled and she asked me. Can you Texas two-step? Or just talk a gal toward a early death.

I smiled and I told her. I like to drink and I can Texas two-step, waltz a little. She touched his face and she told me. You are alright. You make my anger go away and you make me laugh. I need to laugh tonight. He told her. This was my only wish tonight.

Dancing Coyote