You only kiss me when you are drunk…

You only kiss me when you are drunk…
Peggy called me at midnight and she begged me to come over. I told her, my dear Peggy, you only need me when you are drunk. Is is love? Is is the damn loneliness, the too quiet house that make you remember my name? She fall into silence for a few seconds and she whispered. I am so alone, please come and see me Johnnie.
I drove the 40 miles, knowing my dear Peggy. Loved to hit and run. She had been my part-time lover for 10 years and she needed me in the midnight hours when the booze kicked-in. I arrived and she is waiting barely dressed. Looking wild and crazy. A half empty body of Black velvet whiskey sat on the table. She come to me and she whispered. Let’s make love on the patio. I want the night air caressing my ass. She dragged me to the patio, lift-up her cotton t-shirt up and I go behind her. I drop my pant and I entered her. We don’t fuck for love, we fuck for the pleasure. I smell the whiskey on her breathe and she moved her ass with the slow jazz in the background playing. I asked her. Peggy, why do you call me when you are drunk only?
She quiet me with kisses and she dragged me into the living room. She stripped off my clothing and she takes off her t-sheet. She straddle me and she reached for the whiskey, poured two glasses. She is mounted on me, moving slow and easy. She handed me a whiskey and we touched glasses. We drank the whiskey. She whispered. Johnnie, you are my only friend. You accept me, bad and all. I loved to watch her eyes. She was a woman who love the dance of sex. Her body was made for sex, robust breast, round hips and long legs. 
We drank the bottle of Black Velvet and she found some Johnnie Walker. She took me to the bedroom with two glasses and the Scottish whiskey. We drank the Johnnie Walker and I asked her. You only kiss me when you are drunk. Why do you call me when the moon is blue? I am easy to find. My door is open for you always. She kissed me to silence and she straddle me. She whispered.
“Johnnie, Johnnie,We can’t own everything.Sometimes the body demand pleasure.I am a loco lady,I got lost and I can’t be found.When the night is long,the whiskey is strong.I need you.You are like me,you love the taste of skin,the interlacing of two,the taste of whiskey.We are more the same, than different.We don’t like prisons,we love the jazz,we love the need of the body.”
We fucked till we fell asleep. I awoke wrapped in her arms and legs. Our body became one and I looked at her pretty face. I kissed her. I whispered to her. I love you Peggy. I do. She awoke and she told me. Thank you Johnnie for coming to me. I was so damn alone. I needed someone to excite my body and my mind. Please forgive me for being so damn greedy. The damn whiskey make me crazy. I told her. It is okay dear Peggy. I needed you too.
Dancing Coyote